Monday, August 25, 2008

It's about time I updated this...

G'day folks, figured i'd get off my lazy bum and post another post on this thing.
Lately I've been busy with uni work, but still finding a little bit of spare time for some knitting and crochet (like during lectures *ahem*).
I have just started knitting lately - I started really trying in May. Now i have a beanie, a pair of gloves, a tiny soft toy ghost, a jumper and my first pair of socks.
I am currently working on my projects for the Royal Melbourne Show; a nicer pair of socks and a tea cozy. I'm having to work really hard at them cause i've only started one sock and they are due in 2 weeks!
I'm also finishing a crochet wip as a pressie fo
r my friend at uni for her 21st. I started it around last year and have to finish that quick smart too - for next weekend :P It's a small bag with the anarchy A on the front :)
Anyway, i should get back to those pressing projects, so i'll leave you with another awesome link.

This one is for a certain someone who happens to love zombies. Now we can all crochet/knit/bead/cross stitch our love for them with this awesome chart from the great people over at Anticraft.

Later guys!

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